Wednesday, March 27, 2013


a traveler from the north arrives, bearing an ekstra store pose of Smash! and a new surprise soon to be unveiled. you will be reassured to find that Smash!, norway's sole apparent contribution to international snack culture (kvikk lunsj doesn't count, nor does lefse), is as good as ever and that an ekstra store pose of it doesn't go very far.

update: a Big Bag of Smash! lasts 3h 27m.

Monday, March 25, 2013



after years spent scouring cambridge and its environs for a decent croissant, i finally unearthed a great one last weekend in an almost comically french bakery/bistro ... in wellfleet, ma. observe the admirable lamination and caramelization, comparable to this. their tropezienne is worthwhile too.

i have also discovered that the shake shack has finally decided to open a massachusetts outpost ... in chestnut hill.

there is no justice.