Sunday, September 25, 2016

the time of adventures

a late arrival in budapest can sometimes begin with palinka and end with burgundy. the next morning, some of us awoke slightly the worse for wear. fortunately, we were not due in szekszárd for many hours. palinka is a highly alcoholic substance that should be consumed with discretion.

szekszárd is one of hungary's key wine regions. each year there is a fair featuring folklorical cultural activities including traditional dancing, customary hats and costumes, historical snack foods, and the sale and consumption of local beverages. due to the heat and humidity, hydration was our highest priority.

we closely observed local cultural practices and attempted—with some success—to penetrate the hermeneutic circle.

several hours later, we had somehow accumulated many empty beverage bottles.

the next morning, some of us awoke slightly the worse for wear. the hallways of our lodgings were decorated with the product of one woman's decade-long engagement with artistic practice. her work was informed by many genres of world art.

after the previous day, a calming itinerary seemed advisable. one that involved as little movement as possible. we went for coffee, fröccs, and peppers. and we met bob the dog.

then we visited the old family winery with its mould-covered fermentation cellar and olde tyme ornaments.

a brief stop in the family vineyard and orchard, then on to bean soup at a roadhouse prominently displaying the universal symbol for ice cream. an extremely sedate and calming day.

but after a post-prandial nap, old patterns reasserted themselves.

the next morning, some of us awoke slightly the worse for wear. fortunately, we were not due in budapest for many hours.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

explosión de mariscos

in galicia, the kitchen was serviceable; the view from the balcony was better.

the markets were amply provisioned, and there were many bottles; some of them were very tasty. the cooler came in handy.

we discovered the virtues of the can.

the town has a fishing co-op with a shop which opens twice a day to sell day catch from boats that dock right outside.

there were percebes. they were tasty.

some of the percebes were fractal. (still tasty.)

at a slightly fancy restaurant, we had remarkable scallops. note how little they have been fucked with. these were about the price of a mediocre plate of pasta in london.

there was also a lobster—that was quite messy. fortunately, i was wearing my lobster-eating shirt.

the oysters at the roadside lunch spot at which we waited for a late afternoon audience with The Knight of the Valley weren't messy at all.

but most of the time we cooked shellfish,

and regular fish,

and sat on the beach.