Tuesday, September 13, 2016

explosión de mariscos

in galicia, the kitchen was serviceable; the view from the balcony was better.

the markets were amply provisioned, and there were many bottles; some of them were very tasty. the cooler came in handy.

we discovered the virtues of the can.

the town has a fishing co-op with a shop which opens twice a day to sell day catch from boats that dock right outside.

there were percebes. they were tasty.

some of the percebes were fractal. (still tasty.)

at a slightly fancy restaurant, we had remarkable scallops. note how little they have been fucked with. these were about the price of a mediocre plate of pasta in london.

there was also a lobster—that was quite messy. fortunately, i was wearing my lobster-eating shirt.

the oysters at the roadside lunch spot at which we waited for a late afternoon audience with The Knight of the Valley weren't messy at all.

but most of the time we cooked shellfish,

and regular fish,

and sat on the beach.

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