Sunday, July 1, 2012

café integral x ats


café integral is located within american two shot, a select shop located in soho (135 grand). this makes café integral difficult to find. the establishment consists entirely of a small, precisely laid-out, softly gleaming white coffee bar. the strada, which often (but not always) indicates seriousness of intent, was strategically positioned to be the first thing visible, in direct line of sight from the door.

i did not have an espresso drink though, opting instead for a softly brewed nicaraguan maracaturra made by césar vega, who has retrofitted his kettles for better temperature control and also is CI's green buyer and roaster. the softbrew was particularly nice in the cold cup (a savory, mouth-coating, lactic acidity, mid-palate bitterness, with light menthol and caramel flavours and the aroma of milk chocolate) but i prefer the clarity of a paper filter. maybe one day i will become less immature, but for now coffee oils and fines are legitimate only in a sock-brewed, butter-roasted, robusta coffee served in a coffeeshop in the motherland.

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