Saturday, February 16, 2013

a most remarkable and delicious beverage


made by gilles azzoni. unsulphured, unfiltered, perfectly pristine, and alive—an odd thing to say about a beverage, but accurate here—this mostly syrah vdt from the ardeche is absolutely wonderful, and even better if you let the considerable sediment settle before a careful decantation. this is the first rhone blend i've ever wanted to drink a whole bottle of. you wouldn't call it complex but it is not simplistic. a gentle but enveloping aroma of blackcurrants, though not all fluff and fruit: there's meatiness and savor underneath and a bit of animal. light-bodied enough to hang out with cassis sorbet or a plum tart (hey, what about cassis sorbet on a plum tart?), but would be brilliant with pork braised with prunes. this will not last long enough for me to report on how it develops over the course of a few days. why did i buy only one bottle? dans un respect du vivant indeed.

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